ADEonics Business Partnership Programs:

Associate Program Overview:

This program has been developed to create informal partnership relations with other Information Technology providers, such as: software developers, hardware and software resellers, service providers, consultants, and others. The objective of the program is to create a mutually beneficial relationship that will increase revenues for both parties and enhance their image while providing the end customer with superior cost saving products. In addition to meeting this objective, the program has been designed to keep administrative costs to little or nothing for our business partners. In fact, for our business partners with a internet web home page, it is possible for them to passively earn revenue.

Benefits to the Associate Partner:

Software Out-Sourcing & Distribution Program Overview:

This program has been developed to create various formal partnerships with other Independant Software Vendors and Software Developers. The purpose of this program is to allow ADEonics, Inc. to acquire and/or distribute software that is complimentary to our own Application Development tools. The partnership agreement can take various forms which can include: transfer of ownership rights, right to create and license derivative works, simple resale and distribution of a 3rd party product, or .......?

So whether you are a Independant Software Vendor or a part-time developer, if you have a product or utility that provides Application Development functions, then give us a call.

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