Why Buy TOTAL400:

We realize that programmers tend to be the bare foot children of the shoe maker.  The IT department budget has ever increasing demands upon it from all areas, in order to remain competitive; but is often times lacking the funds for development tools.   That is why we work hard to provide: "Best Tools at a Low Cost" for developers. 

Our Documentation Utility (Object Cross Reference & Usage) product focus is on the "Nuts & Bolts" rather than "Bells & Whistles".  That is to say, we strive to provide more and better documentation on how and where your application objects and fields are being used; and will leave Security and Job Processing to other vendors or home grown tools.  Costly and embarrassing errors can occur when modifying applications if a program or file that needs to be changed has been overlooked because of a lack of good documentation.  That is why we continue to focus upon the "Nuts & Bolts" of application documentation, where the true value is.  

Application documentation tools are like avionics (GPS, radar, Doppler, etc...) to an airline; and no airline would fly without them.  Thus, our company name ADEonics was created from ADE (Application Development Environment) and onics from avionics.  So, if you want to avoid stormy weather when you make modifications to your application, invest in TOTAL400.  

COST JUSTIFICATION:   This should be a no brainer!

Today most auditors and consultants would consider it negligent to be without a good Documentation system.  While TOTAL400-DU is a significant productivity aid, the foremost justifications are security and critical success factors.  However, just one avoidable costly error could more than pay for TOTAL400. 

Find out why thousands of Application Development professionals from companies all over the world are using TOTAL400 to make life easier for themselves. If you have less than complete and up-to-date documentation on all of your applications and/or you spend a fair amount of your time working with database files; then you owe it to yourself and your company to explore how TOTAL400 can be of benefit.

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