TOTAL400-DU Documentation Utility



TOTAL400-DU is a tool for the iSeries which provides: Documentation, Change Impact Analysis, and Productivity Tools. It can analyze your application systems; and provide you with "Top-to-Bottom" documentation on your: Menus, Commands, Programs, Files, Fields, and Data Areas. Powerful inquiry screens let you quickly determine: What, Where, and How your iSeries applications are processing information. Programmers can work directly from TOTAL400, using it as a Development Environment with easy access to: SEU, SDA, and PDM; or they can access TOTAL400 as a separate job session from the programmer’s PC.


TOTAL400 is best at finding and identify where files and fields are being used by various functions (programs, SQL, Queries, etc.) on your system.  Today’s modern coding techniques do not evade the proper documentation of usage by TOTAL400, unlike some of our competitors.  For the proof of this, we welcome you to get a Free trial demo of TOTAL400.


User Profiles / Menus / Commands / Programs / Modules / Files / Formats / Fields / Program-Variables / Program-Constants / Data Areas / Data Structures / Copybooks / Query400 Definitions / DFUs / OCL / and many more.



COST JUSTIFICATION:   This should be a no brainer!

Today most auditors and consultants would consider it negligent to be without a good Documentation system.  It would be like an airline operating without using avionics (GPS, radar, etc..).  Speaking of which, our company name is a derivative of avionics, ADEonics, Inc. (Application Development Environment  onics).  We provide the TOTAL400 Documentation Utility to guide software developers and keep them out of trouble.  While TOTAL400-DU is a significant productivity aid, the foremost justifications are security and critical success factors.  However, just one avoidable costly error could more than pay for TOTAL400. 

Find out why thousands of Application Development professionals from companies all over the world are using TOTAL400 to make life easier for themselves. If you have less than complete and up-to-date documentation on all of your applications; then you owe it to yourself and your company to explore how TOTAL400 can be of benefit.

If you have any questions or would like a FREE TRIAL of TOTAL400, then CLICK on FREE TRIAL or call 1-702-240-7332 and we will be happy to help you.

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